Holy Woman

Group Coaching


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Questions asked during this call

1. [02:43] My husband and I are planning to move basically across the country in June (right now we are in Arizona and we are looking to move to the Midwest/East Coast) and we are really struggling to figure out how to find where we belong in this next part of our journey. I have been in the same place my whole life and I’m wondering if you have any tools or ideas to help us find the right community? Thanks!
2. [07:18] I would love advice, tips, guidance on doing this work without a strong local support group. I am a single mom of 5 animals 🤪 (a dog, cat and 3 horses) and am finding I have resistance to go deeper and feeling alone while doing it. Thanks for any advice!
3. [10:14] How did you heal your bond with Marshall? I feel disconnected from my son. I think his birth brought up my childhood and abandonment trauma if you have any resources. I struggle with moving past resentment towards my loved ones I’ve felt abandoned by. How do I safely navigate my feelings towards them? I tend to find myself getting short. Thank you for creating a safe place for us!
4. [16:03] What have you found to be the best practice when you are aware you are over committed and need to make your way out without your life blowing up?
5. [20:04] I’m conscious of patriachical brainwashing (guilt, worth) is holding me back as I build my soul’s business and being the mother/human/partner that I want to be yet still noticing wobbles. Is the visioning and communing with women doing this work that best way to ground it into my body and nervous system?
6. [22:48] How do you balance the need for seasonal rest and downtime with the demand of growing your business right now?
7. [26:35] Can you share your favorite apps or TV series’ with us? I’m trying to be more mindful about how I spend my screentime.
8. [29:26] I am moving in with my partner this April (into a home where he has lived for several years). Do you have any suggestions for rituals I (or we) could do to make this space truly feel like Ours?
9. [33:10] How do you make your brand/work more magnetising ? I see how you offer things and they get scooped up, I’ve been in biz for 7+ years now and I don’t have that kind of energy when I put out offers (I am a projector, holistic nutritionist and the work I do with myClients is INCREDIBLE and I want to have more impact as it a ‘priestess of the body’ …also is that a thing cos that is what I feel I do/am).
10. [38:30] I’m wondering if there’s a possibility you could share a spreadsheet like the prework for the star but a whole year that we could use for the year. It was so helpful! I just don’t know how to do it myself.
11. [41:10] How do we create a group of women like you had when you went to Miami? How can I put that together with new people?
12. [45:06] Any resources to read about Mother Mary?
13. [45:36] I’m doing some classes for coaching and I’m seeing lot of resistance and frustration from my 9yo daughter. She’s asked me why am I so much more important than her.
14. [47:55] I am feeling called to host my first Women’s Retreat in a country chalet for 8 women! Do you have any tips for keeping things fluid, sacred and fun?
15. [49:17] I would love to create a better sex life With partner , we’ve done modern marriage and love it but not sure what next steps are for it’s continually growth and flourishing. [53:40] Follow up on this question.
16. [50:37] I’m a Manifesting Generator, single mom, just getting my own coaching & teaching practice off the ground. I’ve been doing the work for years, but never on my own. I’m much more tuned into my spiritual, sacred side, but I’m in a marketing program now that has me really hyper focused on my ICA & talking to only one type of woman (women in recovery)…but I feel limited by it. I don’t want to waste the money I invested in this course (very expensive) or NOT follow the direction, but I’m struggling because it feels a little limiting for me. How do I balance it?
17. [55:25] I’ve been burned with friendships so many times…. how do you develop a true friendship and protect yours?
18. [56:53] What are your best tips for bringing fun, play, and passion into marriage?