Refer A Friend

Refer a Friend

(and make money!)

When I started Holy Woman in 2018, I had no idea it would grow into such a beautiful community and movement. Your warmth, curiosity and willingness to do the inner work is what makes Holy Woman so rich and powerful. The way you show up for the other members is so loving and supportive.

I really wish all women would treat each other this way, and know how when we show up for our own growth, we lift so many people up around us.

We’ve created an amazing culture here together, and my wish is that how we do things here becomes the new normal.

I want women everywhere to know that we are each as unique as our fingerprint, there is no one way to live our lives, that we all deserve to have whatever we want, and do whatever we want, knowing that being in our fullest expression only has a positive effect on others.

So I wanted to see if you’d be interested in helping make this the new normal?

Would you be interested in having your friends speak the same language as you?

Would you love to feel safe bragging about your growth at girls night out?

Would you rather your get-togethers be centered around Tarot cards and dreaming instead of binge drinking and gossip?

If so, I’d love to have your friends in Holy Woman, so I can lead them to this new way a being, and you don’t have to be their coach or spiritual teacher. You get to just be their friend.

A lot of my friends are in Holy Woman (and they are also on their own growth and spiritual journey) and because of that, we speak the same language and have a similar value system around growth, deep conversation and magic. I feel so insanely lucky to have friends like this AND I now know I can’t do it any other way.

This is my new normal, and I want this for you.

SO here’s my idea. In order for this to be a win-win, I want to say thank you for recommending Holy Woman by paying you every time someone you recommend signs up and for every month they decide to stay a member.

Here’s how it works:

Just enter your details below and I’ll send you a custom discount code to give to your friends, and every time someone signs up, I’ll deposit $100 in your paypal account.

Imagine you have 5 friends enroll, you’ll make $500, which will help cover the cost your membership.

It costs nothing for you to sign up, just 1 minute of your time and then I’ll be paying YOU to talk to your friends.

If you have any questions, just email us at support@sarahjenks.com

Fill out this form and I’ll send you your custom link.