Holy Woman

The Holy Woman Team

Holy Woman Team

Managing Partner, Head of Sacred Marketing

Kelly Taveras

Kelly leads innovative sacred marketing strategy for all of our programs and retreats. She also oversees the team and business operations. Kelly joined SJI in 2022 with a decade of professional digital marketing and executive leadership experience.

Her favorite part of the work: calling in the women who are ready for this work, and co-leading The Council alongside Sarah. Kelly has three beautiful kids and lives with her husband in Massachusetts.

Operations Manager

Miranda Merten

Miranda has been with SJI since 2019, working behind the scenes on all things tech and systems for all of our programs. She enjoys being involved in growing Holy Woman and seeing how the programs grow and evolve throughout the years.

When not working with Sarah, Miranda loves helping other female entrepreneurs through her own business, to leverage technology to overcome overwhelm in their lives and business. Miranda lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her 16-year-old daughter and Labradoodle.

Program Director

Monique Ricardo

The day the doors opened on what is now Holy Woman in March 2018, Monique was there greeting the members in the Facebook group and on the call chats. She learned so many elements of the company that she is now the Program Director. She adores that she gets to work with all of the team and chat with members from each group. Nothing beats seeing everyone at Emerge Retreat! 

Monique loves to cuddle with her two cats and husband at their home in a tiny Southern California country valley. Her hobbies include crafting a fictional village book series, wearing the COO hat for her son’s book biz, and designing their travels to far-off destinations. Next up: visiting Guédelon Castle in France for her son’s high fantasy book research; an experimental archaeology project aimed at recreating a 13th-century castle.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Ashlee Springer

Ashlee works alongside Kelly and Sarah to execute all things social to support all of the programs and retreats – from reels, stories, carousels, ads, and more. If you’ve ever left a kind comment or DM – Ashlee was probably the one on the other side answering! Ashlee joined SJI in the fall of 2023 with over 7 years of social media and design expertise.

Her favorite part of the work: connecting with the amazing community of women via social media and making beautiful, scroll-stopping, social content! Ashlee has two adorable kitties and lives with her husband in Northwest Arkansas.

Customer Support Inbox

Jessica Blake

Jessica manages the inbox for Team Holy Woman and offers administrative support to Kharizma and Monique (and anyone else who needs it). When you have a billing or account-related question, or reply to a newsletter, she’s usually the one answering your emails and wishing you a magical day. Her favorite part of the work is connecting to members, supporting them in getting what they need, and witnessing them wherever they are on their journey.

She lives with her husband and two kiddos in Iowa. When she’s not answering emails, Jessica is likely to be reading, crafting, or working with crystals.

Facebook Facilitator / Community support

Khadija Abdur-Rahman

Khadija has been a member of Holy Woman since its inception. She officially became a part of the Holy Woman team in 2020. Khadija works to support all of the women in our Facebook communities, call and Voxer chats helping them to feel heard and seen.

When Khadija is not working for Sarah, she can be found running around with her 2 little kids, gardening, reading, or building her online business where she supports women trying to find the time and energy to do the things they love most.

Program Assistant

Kharizma McAnulty

Having been a member of Holy Woman since its inception, Kharizma joined the team in November 2023. She brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to her role working to dream up new ways to engage and offer more support to the members of Holy Woman. You will see her chiming in and being a part of most of the conversations on Facebook and chatting it up on Zoom calls to support and lift up our community.

Her favorite aspect of this position is having the opportunity to empower women and foster deeper connections within the community. Kharizma lives on the Oregon Coast and spends all of her spare time in the garden.

Temple Team

Temple Keeper

Catherine Clapp

As Temple Keeper Catherine works with the team to help set the temple space for in-person ceremonies and retreats. She helps to keep track of behind-the-scenes details in support of the spiritual work taking place. Catherine has been with Holy Woman from the beginning and began her work as Temple Keeper with SJI in 2022. Her favorite part of the work: welcoming the women who come to Hawthorne farm and supporting the work of re-igniting the sacred feminine in the world.

When not working with Sarah, Catherine works in bringing the Sacred Feminine into the world as a registered nurse on a med-surg cardiac unit and running her own personal business, helping women create intentional space. She lives outside of Boston with her husband and has two young adult sons.

Head of Sacred Beauty

Carrie Montgomery

As the visionary behind our enchanting mandalas and sacred altar setups for the New Moon Ceremonies and our retreats, Carrie Montgomery brings unparalleled magic to our gatherings. Her gift for transforming Sarah’s imaginative visions into tangible, awe-inspiring experiences enriches our collective moments.

Distinguished as a dynamic Leadership and Performance Coach, Carrie pioneers nervous system healing for personal brands through her Elegant Leadership program, merging applied neurology, neuropsychology, and somatic practices to boost personal and professional growth. Her extensive expertise in various fields, alongside a deep understanding of the body-mind connection, empowers clients to achieve transformative success, celebrated by prestigious platforms like Forbes and OWN. Beyond coaching, Carrie harnesses her aesthetic flair and her approach to personal development and nervous system-informed living, promoting a life of ease, authenticity, and resilience, while enjoying Maine’s beauty with her dog, Nikita.

Assistant Priestess

Jeri’Ann Rowena

Jeri’Ann Rowena is a sacred woman. She is a transformational space holder, a temple guide, and an archetypal mentor. She is trained as a scientist, innovator, facilitator, and sacred space holder. She bridges her Christian faith with the awakened feminine. Her deep passion is creating spaces where new possibilities can be manifest. She has published scientific research, holds patents, and has created award-winning mentoring programs for women and people of color focused on empowerment and inclusion from within.

Jeri’Ann has worked deeply with the 13 Moon mystery school archetypes for 5 years. She has mentored women for 8 years and is a certified Temple Guide in the 13 Moon mystery school. One of Jeri’Ann’s favorite practices is holding space at our Emerge retreat and at our in-person New Moon Ceremonies. She lives locally with her husband and two wonderful kids.

Assistant Priestess

Diana Alberti

Diana Alberti is one of our assistant priestesses. Diana has been part of Holy Woman since 2018. Sarah’s teachings have changed the course of her career and life. From a registered dietitian to a Priestess, Diana helps women nourish their true essence and holds a safe space for women to feel held, supported, seen, and heard in their fullest expression.

When not attending in-person events for Sarah and holding the gate for our Emerge retreat, Diana is enjoying life in her upstate New York country home with her husband and adorable baby.

Temple Assistant

Rebecca Correia

Rebecca, a Temple assistant at SJI since 2023, collaborates with the team to create the sacred space for ceremonies and retreats. She takes joy in immersing herself in the sacred environment to make all women, whether joining online or in person, feel at home.

When not working with Sarah, Rebecca runs her own business called Woodland Farms out of Massachusetts. She has two kids and is expecting another. Rebecca aims to educate people on the benefits of plants and reconnect them with nature through her business.

Videographer/Visual Storyteller

Jacklyn Grad

Jacklyn captures the energy and life force of the SJI programming and produces visual campaigns to tell their stories. Jacklyn is a documentary filmmaker and has worked with clients all over the country to give life to their visions, products, and businesses. She joined the team in 2022 and collaborated to create the Holy Women program.

Her favorite part of her work: witnessing so many humans in transformational moments and sharing their experience with the greater community. Jacklyn and her spouse Chelsea, who is a furniture maker, live in Philadelphia.

Temple Livestream Producer

Pete Nenortas

Pete is responsible for the production of the live streaming of the bi-monthly, new moon ceremonies. He and his team are honored to do this work and bring decades of live video expertise to create a professional, thoughtful format for the online experience of the sacred ceremonies. The goal since the beginning has been to film the ceremonies in a way where you feel you are sitting in the circle, alongside the 30+ women present with Sarah.

Pete lives in Maine with his wife and daughter. He has been a participant in Sarah’s husband, Jonathan Brajtbords Men’s Work sessions and retreats, which have supported Pete to be the best man for his family.